15 Times We Wrote About Boobs In 2016

I think we can all agree that boobs are pretty damn great. Yes, they can be annoying at times particularly when we’re forced to trap them in uncomfortable booby prisons AKA bras or when that time of the month rolls around and they become ridiculously sore.

For the most part though, boobs are what makes the world go round. That’s probably why we can’t help but write about them…the reasons we love them, hacks for taking better care of them, or even WTF facts we never knew about them. Whatever the context, we’ve touched on boobs quite a few times this year.

1. 8 Bra Hacks Women With Big Boobs Need To Know


“Women with big boobs rely on bras for support and lift, and they also serve the very practical purpose of preventing our giant breasticles from flying up and hitting us in the face while we walk. If you rock a size D, E, F, or beyond, these are some easy tips and tricks to get the most out of your treasured boob slings.”

2. 11 Guys Dish Their Intense Opinions On Fake Boobs

female athletes consider breast augmentation 15 Times We Wrote About Boobs In 2016

“When I started talking to people about plastic surgery, it turned out that a lot of men had opinions they super needed to share … about fake breasts. And while I’d like for our body, our choice to be as far as the body conversation goes, it’s kind of funny — and, at times, illuminating — to hear men wax on about breasts.”

3. 21 Underboob Tattoos That’ll Make You Almost Forget About The Boobs Themselves

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“Who doesn’t love boobs? Especially when they have a beautiful design to compliment them. These are the best underboob tats Instagram had to offer and we’re one paycheck away from heading to the tattoo shop.”

4. 9 Reasons Why Having Big Boobs Is The Shittiest Part Of The Summer


“For anyone with a size D or above, summer is a time that tests our very mettle. Despite all the adorable bathing suits and half-naked beach fun at our disposal, finding clothes and activities that work for us is a challenge. Along the way, there are a lot of unpleasant issues that our small-breasted friends just have no idea about.”

5. 10 Realities Girls With Small Boobs Deal With On The Regular

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“The struggles of possessing small boobs is very real, and only a certain percentage of women can truly understand the trials and tribulations that accompany this particular body type. Here are just a few realities that you tend to encounter when you find yourself a chairwoman of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.”

6. Here’s How To Keep Your Boobs From Getting Saggy, According To Science

how to prevent boobs from sagging thumbnail 1980x1040 2 1 15 Times We Wrote About Boobs In 2016

“There are many factors that come to play when getting your girls in shape and it’s good to be informed. Even the slightest lifestyle changes can make the biggest difference. Knowledge is power people, or in this case knowledge is perky tits.”

7. 24 Tweets About Boobs Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Your Boobs Off

tk times we wrote about boobs in 2016 22 15 Times We Wrote About Boobs In 2016

It’s a gift and a curse, ladies. What else is there to do but laugh about them?

8. 19 Festival Looks That Flash Just The Right Amount Of Sideboob


“Side boob is the new cleavage. It’s a fact. There’s something incredibly sexy about that subtle peek. We went on the hunt for some of the best fest garb for your hot side boobage and we can’t wait to order it all.”

9. 21 Sideboob Tattoos That Will Make You Feel Things

screen shot 2016 07 21 at 5 07 32 pm 15 Times We Wrote About Boobs In 2016

“Yes, we’ve spent an inordinate amount of our day admiring side-boobage and the art surrounding it. Take a look for yourselves and you’ll understand why these tats have us drooling.”

10. Ariel Winter Shuts Down Boob Shamers By Making Them Look At Her Ass Instead

tk times we wrote about boobs in 2016 2 15 Times We Wrote About Boobs In 2016

“Our favorite Modern Family star, Ariel Winter rocked an I-don’t-give-a-fuck-what-you-think-of-me bodycon dress for her highschool graduation party (she’s going to UCLA in the fall), and she slayed. Of course, all the Internet trolls took the opportunity to let the 18-year-old know exactly what they thought of her and her fearlessly displayed ample bosom.”

11. 5 Reasons The Bralette Craze Is Kind Of B.S.


“While I understand and appreciate the cuteness of these little bralettes, I can’t help but wonder if they’re kind of a bullsh*t addition to the lingerie family? What are they even supposed to do? Are they offering any kind of support?”

12. 19 Tweets For Anyone Who F*cking Hates Wearing A Bra


“Imagine a world where your best girls never ever have to be imprisoned by another uncomfortable booby jail. No more bras…crazy right? And by crazy we obviously mean amazing, because taking your bra off at the end of a long day is probably the best feeling in the world.”

13. 12 Bra Myths You’ve Probably Believed All Your Life


“Bras have been around in some form or another for hundreds of years and there are more myths about wearing them (how they affect your health, sagging, etc.) than we can count, but these are just a few you should probably stop believing right now.”

14. 18 Insanely Gorgeous Bras That Should Really Just Count As Shirts


“Sometimes it’s just such a cute find it’s almost a shame to cover that new bralette with a shirt. These are some of our favorite bras on the market right now that are the perfect combination of adorable and sexy. You might just be tempted to wear them on their own.”

15. 6 Reasons Your Breasts Might Be Hurting


“About half of all women experience breast pain at some point in their lives. Usually, it pops up during our periods, but sometimes it can show up for other reasons too. It’s not usually anything to freak out about, but it can still be pretty annoying.”

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