16 Gifts For Girls Who Hate Going Out

Going out, while exciting, can also be quite a drag — particularly if you’re the kind of person who has everything they need at home. Restaurants are awesome, but what about GrubHub? Sure, we could go to the movies, but haven’t you heard of Netflix?

Some ladies, for better or worse, are just natural-born homebodies, who would rather be in a bathrobe than a pair of heels any day. (Same, honestly.)

Here are some gifties for these particularly-gifted introverts who are, shall we say, “indoorsy” people. From popcorn kits, to fort-building guides, these presents are everything they’ll need to hibernate in their cozy nest during the cold winter months:

1. A fancy tray, so they won’t even have to leave their comfy bed to eat food.


2. A hot chocolate kit, so they’ll never be short on cozy, comforting beverages.

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3. Some boot-style slippers, so they never have to put on “real shoes.”


4. A flexible wooden tray, to turn every soft service into a perfect place to set your coffee.


5. A scented candle that’s reminiscent of their home state, so their apartment feels even cozier.


6. This little pillow for propping up their tablet — after all, how else are they supposed to watch Netflix in bed?


7. A teak tray for the bathtub, to make their bathroom feel utterly palatial.


8. This kit that will let them make movie theatre popcorn at home, whenever they please.


9. These USB-powered heated narwhal slippers, so they can warm their feet like a damn queen.


10. The perfect pillow throne, so they can survey their kingdom — er, bedroom.


11. This cuddly fox robe, so they can swaddle themselves in softness.

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12. A snack subscription service, like Love With Food, so their pantry will never be short on snacks.

121015 gluten free food subscription 16 Gifts For Girls Who Hate Going Out

13. A unicorn plush pillow, so they can feel totally buried in softness.

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14. A cute doughnut onesie, because who wants to worry about wearing pants?

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15. A miniature projector, so they can get the full movie-watching experience at home.


16. And, of course, a fort-building kit — because every homebody secretly wants one.


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