Ryan Gosling Taught Jimmy Kimmel How To Waltz, And Things Got Weirdly Sexual

Everyone, prepare yourselves: Ryan Gosling has just proven himself to be the firm, yet yielding dance teacher that you always knew he could be.

The actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night to discuss his upcoming movie with Emma Stone, La La Land. Since the movie is a musical, Gosling was required to polish up some of his dance moves for the film, and even learn some tap-dancing. When asked if he remembered any of the dances, Gosling sheepishly replied that he had forgotten everything except the waltz.

Naturally, this information prompted Kimmel to ask Gosling for a lesson in waltzing, much to his apparent chagrin.

However, despite his initial reticence, Gosling seamlessly stepped into the role of “demanding dance teacher” with very little effort.

“Alright, straighten up,” he tells Kimmel. “Let me get a look at you.”

Gosling then asks for an alternative music choice, saying “Do we not have some more romantic music? I mean come on, let’s get sensitive, man!” (A shrewd move, considering the historically-sensitive precedent of his “Hey, Girl” meme.)

When Kimmel finally gets into the waltzing position, the ambience gets even sexier — particularly when Gosling starts talking about what he’s going to do with his hands. “My forefinger and my thumb are gonna start talking to your lower back,” he says, trying to keep a straight face as Kimmel laughs. “So I need your lower back to just … pay attention, okay?”

Gosling later berates Kimmel for not staring soulfully into his eyes as they waltz. “Where are you looking? Who you lookin’ at? Are you dancing with ‘over there,’ or are you dancing with me?”

Fortunately, Kimmel eventually earns his strict teacher’s approval after completing a basic waltz (sort of), and Gosling proudly presents his student to the audience.

And now, naturally, every woman in America is thinking, “Why can’t they remake Dirty Dancing with Ryan Gosling??” (To which I say, bite your tongue, America.)

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