Sofia Vergara Being Sued By Her Frozen Embryos, Because Apparently That’s A Thing

Things just keep getting weirder for Sofia Vergara. Since 2014, the Modern Family actress has been involved in a messy court battle with ex-fiancé Nick Loeb over rights to frozen embryos the pair conceived when they were still a couple.

Initially, Loeb was suing for the right to have the embryos implanted in a surrogate and brought to term. He dropped that suit once it looked like a judge was going to rule in Vergara’s favor. Now, Loeb’s pursuing a second suit that honestly sounds like something out of a Lifetime movie.

According to, Sofia Vergara is officially being sued by her own frozen embryos.

A “right to live” lawsuit has been filed in Louisiana on behalf of the frozen embryos, which are actually considered “pre-embryos” since they’re fertilized eggs that haven’t been implanted into anyone’s uterus. According to Today, Lousiana actually has laws that “allow an embryo to sue a person.”

The lawsuit demands that Loeb be given “custody” of the pre-embryos, which he’s apparently already named Emma and Isabella. It also claims Loeb has created a trust for the pre-embryos and the frozen eggs are being denied their inheritance by not being brought to term.

Are you ready to punch your screen yet? Me too.

As Today reports, Loeb and Vergara both signed an agreement when they created the embryos that states they can’t be brought to term without the consent of both parties.

Essentially, Loeb is grasping at straws, doing anything he can to try to get around their agreement and implant the pre-embryos in a surrogate against Vergara’s wishes. He claims he’s doing this out of some sort of concern for the “lives they created,” but his antics seem a lot more like a pathetic attempt to infringe on Vergara’s reproductive freedom.

Vergara is happily married to fellow actor Joe Mangianello and has no interest in starting a family with Loeb.


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In 2015, she told Howard Stern she believes children should be the product of a loving union and said she doesn’t want to “bring kids to the world where it’s already set against them.” If Loeb wants kids, there’s nothing stopping him from finding a donor and a surrogate on his own. There’s no reason for him to keep dragging Vergara into increasingly ridiculous lawsuits.

Ultimately, what happens from here is up to a judge, but that doesn’t change how disturbing it’s been to watch this battle unfold or how utterly appalling it is that Loeb refuses to let Vergara move on with her life.

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