Woman Accidentally Dresses Up As A Spongebob Character, Much To Her Boyfriend’s Amusement

Sometimes, boyfriends can be relied upon to ensure you that your outfit is stunning and that you look great. Other times, they’re just there to let you know that you accidentally dressed like a cartoon character.

Twitter user @tessa_denae assumed put together what she (correctly) assumed was a banging’ outfit for the day, complete with a little pastel pink blazer and a black bow-tie choker. Unfortunately, her not-so-helpful boyfriend immediately pointed out that she looked remarkably like an obscure Spongebob Squarepants character: Pinhead Larry.

The resemblance is pretty uncanny:

For those who are perhaps not Spongebob completists, “Pinhead Larry” is Patrick Starr’s spaghetti western alter-ego during the episode “Survival of the Idiots,” where Spongebob and Patrick are trapped inside Sandy Cheeks’ house while she is hibernating. The two decide to play pretend in order to pass the time, and thus: Pinhead Larry is born.

For the record, the rest of Twitter thinks that @tesse-denae still looks “cute as hell.” She may be accidentally working the Pinhead Larry style, but she’s really pulling it off.

Fortunately, it looks like @tessa_denae isn’t about to let her boyfriend’s nay-saying alter her fashion judgement — if a pink blazer and a black bow-tie choker look cute, then that’s what she’s going to wear, damn it!

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