10 Simple Ways To Breathe Life Back Into Your Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress, or LBD as it’s commonly known, is every woman’s go-to closet staple. It’s that no fuss garment that you can rely on for basically every event you go to (sans summer weddings and baby showers). But as often as this item gets put into rotation, there are times where it can feel a little lackluster.

Tonight is our company’s annual Christmas party, and with all the holiday shopping taking place this time of year I’m not keen on spending money on a dress or outfit I’ll never find use for again. So last night I forlornly reached into my closet hoping to pull out a Christmas miracle, and lo and behold my LBD was shining bright like Rudolph’s nose guiding Santa’s sleigh. “But how, oh how, am I gonna to make this thing look festive?” I wondered. Well, I rummaged through everything I own and managed to find a few simple ways we can all continue to to rock the LBD around the Christmas tree, and any other time of year.

1. Sparkly baubles FTW (obvi). 

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Easy right? But the key to doing it well is to pick one specific area to accentuate, or you’ll look like a walking Claire’s store. Keep it classic and add to your neckline with a large statement necklace. Or perhaps adorn your ear lobes to draw attention to your pretty hair or long bare neck. You can even opt for drawing attention to your manicured fingers with a statement ring. Broaches and pins are also a great way to bring some attention to tasteful décolletage.

2. Never underestimate the power of makeup.

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Red lips are a timeless makeup pastime, and a great way to bring up the sex appeal of your look. Or opt instead for a nude lip and a smokey eye. Either way, don’t forget to bat those false lashes towards the hottie in Accounting if you wanna be kissed under the mistletoe.

3. Give yourself a fun manicure (or get one, you do you).

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I am hardcore digging Essie’s winter 2016 nail polish collection, especially this decadent shade of blue-green. Or go with classic red and be the sultry vixen you are.

4. Get your hair up and off your shoulders.


If you’re not a big jewelry wearer or a fan of makeup, a hint at the understated parts of your anatomy is classic fallback. Your hair and your neck, for example, can be turned into canvases for creating glamour without requiring a ton of effort. Try an easy updo like the one above, which is perfect for medium to longer hair lengths.

5. Layer your outfit with a cute sweater or jacket.


Scarves, and cardigans, and blazers, oh my! Your closet is probably overflowing with ways to drape yourself. Or, if you’re feeling bit more daring, a bold capelet will cover bare shoulders and add flair to your outfit.

6. Instantly change the look of your dress by adding a belt.


Belts can quickly play up (or down) the style of your dress. I like the use the belt’s width to determine the look. If you want something chic, go with a skinnier belt. A thicker belt will take the glam down a notch if your event is on the less formal side.

7. Add some patterned tights to create drama or whimsy.

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Similar to adding flair to your outfit by exposing your neck, dress up those gams of yours with a pair of tights. Patterns not your thing? Try a bold color instead.

8. Break out those killer pumps you love but can’t wear with much.


Bold colors, patterns, and animal prints are a great way to jazz things up. Plus you won’t have to worry about them clashing with the rest of your outfit because black goes with everything.

9. A statement handbag instantly adds some POW!


You need a bag for your phone, ID, $$$, lipstick, and keys, might as well make it one that speaks volumes about your sense of style and attention to detail. Ditch the boring black clutch for something with some color and texture. Velvet and metallic bags are great for winter months, while neons are a perfect addition for spring and summer.

10. Get racy with your undergarments.


When you have a secret no one else knows, that confidence radiates outward for a glow not even makeup can create. Switch out your humdrum basic undies for a lacy bra or a naughty pair of panties. Maybe even subtly let your date know you’ve got a surprise in store for them later. Confidence is your best accessory.

Check out these pretties if you’re looking to update your lingerie drawer.

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