5 People Who Made Us Say ‘Hell Yes’ This Week

Every day we get a little bit closer to the end of 2016, thank god. While it hasn’t been the best year for anyone, it’s important to remember that not all has been lost in the past 12 months.

This week, in fact, there were plenty of people that gave us something to hope for, or at least something to distract ourselves with until January. So, open a bottle of wine and enjoy a little positivity. It never hurt anyone.

1. This dad and his adorable alpaca

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Dimitris Neonakis, father to 32-year-old Alexandria and current title holder for “World’s Most Adorable Human Ever” was recently traveling through Peru when he met his very first alpaca. Dimitris was so excited by his encounter with such a fluffy animal that he shared the cutest photos in his family’s groupchat.

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When Alexandria received the messages, she couldn’t get over her dad’s childlike enthusiasm and proceeded to share his adorable meltdown with the world via Twitter and it’s too much to handle. We need someone who loves us the way Dimitris loves his new alpaca friend.

2. Ryan Gosling

Aside from his mere existence as one of the most beautiful human beings to ever walk the face of the earth and his undeniably successful acting career, Ryan Gosling won our hearts and every other part of us this week when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about his new role in LaLa Land. 

The film (being a musical) required a multitude of different dance skills, all of which Gosling claimed to have forgotten. That was until further prompting by Kimmel, he admitted he still remembered the steps to the classic waltz. Of course, this led Kimmel to request a dance lesson from Gosling and we witnessed him teach the talkshow host in the most hilarious yet arousing manner.

3. Zac Efron

After months upon months of anticipation, the official Baywatch trailer was released this week and all we can say is “God damn.” I mean, we knew Zac Efron was a glorious piece of man, but this is just next level sex appeal.

Every time the camera catches a glimpse of Efron’s almost 8-pack, we get a little bit light headed. This trailer might be just what we needed to get us through the rest of 2016 because next year is already looking up.

4. This badass mom

Assholes are an unfortunate inevitability in our world. Fortunately for every shitty and despicable human being out there, there’s also an equally awesome and kick-ass person who can shut down haters in the best possible way. Kelley Markland had returned from celebrating a fun birthday dinner when she discovered an anonymous note in her mailbox telling her, “Women who weigh 300 pounds should not wear yoga pants!” Attached to the deplorable letter was a crude photo and insulting meme.

Markland shared the note on her Facebook page letting the world know how it made her feel and it quickly became viral. Thousands of people voiced their support for Markland and her powerful words even inspired the hashtag #LeggingsWin. She also uses the experience as a lesson to her children about the strength of words and having confidence in yourself. Fuck, yes Kelley you’re our hero.

5. Blake Lively

Finding the motivation to workout can be difficult at times. Of course we want to be in shape, but we’d also love to eat whatever we want, binge on Netflix all day, and magically have amazing bodies. Wouldn’t that be the life?

It’s hard to look at insanely attractive female celebrities without being a little jealous especially when it seems like they just snap their fingers and have it all. This is one of the many reasons we love Blake Lively so much, because she’s real AF. The star recently posted the most hilarious picture on her Instagram that shows Lively attempting to hide from her trainer and it’s all of us. Gym? No thanks, I’ll stay here under these comfy mats.

#FitnessFriday current mood. @donsaladino gives me reason to hide!….

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