Texas Women Are Now Encouraging Each Other To Mail Used Tampons To Their Governor

The state of Texas plans to enforce a law on Dec. 19 which requires all healthcare facilities to cremate or bury fetal remains from abortions. The legislation was requested by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who asserts that the move will contribute to “enhanced protection of the health and safety of the public.” Abbott says he requested this law because he does not believe that fetal remains should be “treated like medical waste and disposed of in landfills.”

Essentially: Texas women, and the healthcare facilities they frequent, will essentially be required to go through the bizarre process of holding a funeral for aborted fetal tissue.

Medical professionals and OB-GYNs are already stating that the move will almost certainly negatively affect women seeking safe and legal abortions, and will place an unnecessary burden of cost on health-care facilities.

As a result, a rather bold call-to-action has been circulating among Texas women on Facebook. The widely-shared post encourages menstruating females in the state of Texas to send any used tampons, pads, or “indefinitely ruined underwear” to Abbott, so that the Governor can test their “fertilized status.”

The joke, naturally, is that women who are on their period technically have no idea about the fertilization status of any of the eggs released in their menses — so how are they to know which process of disposal is most appropriate according to the highly-invasive Texas state law?

The post gained popularity when it was shared by Ele Chupik, a woman in Texas who used to work at a clinic which provided abortions. To her, this particular call-to-action is equal parts protest and humorous unification. It’s about doing something shocking to highlight an equally outlandish law.

“I am considering sending my menstrual blood, or fake menstrual blood, to Abbott,” Chupik told Cosmopolitan. “I have seen many women on the thread express their desire to do so, but so far I haven’t planned any tampon mailing parties. It sounds like a really fun and uniting theme for a party of frustrated women, with good senses of humor.”

While it is unclear how many women are planning to participant in this form of protest, the mental image of a mountain of tampon-filled envelopes taking up space in the offices of Greg Abbott is at least a semi-heartening thought.

It’s like they say: Don’t Mess With Texas Women.

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