Hillary Clinton Attempts To Sway An Elector In Hilarious SNL “Love Actually” Sketch

If I’m being honest, the majority of the reason I still watch Saturday Night Live is for the one and only Kate McKinnon. The show just isn’t what it used to be in my opinion, but McKinnon never fails to entertain and make me laugh so hard that I feel as if I’ve had a full on ab workout.

This week the actress revived one of her best impersonations, Hillary Clinton, in a hilarious parodied attempt to ward off a future of POTUS Trump.

Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton returned to SNL last night with a mission to thwart Donald Trump becoming POTUS.

The skit parodied that one scene from Love Actually that always makes us reach for tissues and feel like we’re never going to find “the one”…or is that just me? Okay nvm.

“Hillary” tracks down a member of the US electoral college to deliver an important message about the future.

She uses several posters like, several

To express her deep concerns surrounding President-elect Trump while “Silent Night” plays in the background.

And her never-ending list of reasons is a great reminder to the audience that we’d be better off with literally anyone else besides Trump.


She really knows how to spread holiday cheer.

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