This Golden Retriever’s Christmas Card Photos Are Making Us Jealous

It seriously blows my mind that Christmas is only one week away. Where did the time go? By now, you’ve probably already attended a handful of holiday parties, donned your best ugly sweaters, and ingested way too much eggnog. While I enjoy finding my own favorite Christmas outfits, I’ve always taken more pride in dressing up my dog in some form of Rudolph gear. Don’t judge me, she loves it.

Perhaps it’s being a crazy dog mom myself or the mere fact that any picture of a cute animal happily playing dress-up sends me over the moon, that caused me to squeal with glee when I came across the most handsome Golden Retriever on Instagram (who is quite possibly the best Christmas model in the universe.) Needless to say, I’m compelled to share him with the you and the world.

Troy the Golden Retriever from Brazil might be the most adorably photogenic dog we’ve ever seen.

Look at him! Will you just LOOK AT  HIM!? He’s so majestic and international. His gray fur around his little face makes him look so wise and distinguished. Not to mention, the wheelchair his humans bought for him. He just looks like the happiest pup in the world.

Though he always looks spectacularly dashing, his Christmas photoshoot is so effing precious.

Look at those antlers!

He was clearly meant to be Santa Claus.

That bearded smile has officially salvaged 2016.

Troy also enjoys wearing Christmas lights.

And happily dons a Santa hat at any opportunity.

He’s very proud to be spreading Christmas cheer.

We might be crying happy tears over here. Troy, we need you under our Christmas tree!

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