These Songs Are Turning 10 In 2017 In Case You Didn’t Feel Old Yet

We’re so close it almost doesn’t seem real, 2017 is days away…days people. That means that this year, this nightmarish embarrassment in history known as 2016 is finally coming to an end. There are few things we’ve been more excited for than this New Year’s Eve. That being said, there is so much to look forward to in the coming months. Primarily the mere fact that it will no longer be last year, but also because the future is looking considerably brighter. New films are on the way, new music is in production, and best of all we get a fresh start.

In case you were needing something to reminisce about before the clock strikes 12 that doesn’t involve 2016, take a moment to realize how much time has passed with these 2007 releases that will soon be a decade old. Memories of awkward grade school dances, here we come.

1. Rihanna – “Umbrella”

2. Soulja Boy – “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”

3. Avril Lavigne – “Girlfriend”

4. Kelly Clarkson – “Because Of You”

5. MiMS – “This Is Why I’m Hot”

6. Kanye West – “Stronger”

7. Paramore – “Misery Business”

8. Huey – “Pop, Lock & Drop It”

9. OneRepublic – “Apologize”

10. Alicia Keys – “No One”

11. Jordin Sparks – “No Air”

12. Chris Brown – “Forever”

13. M.I.A. – “Paper Planes”

Check out the full playlist here:


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