Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing Over Kanye’s New Blonde And Pink Hairstyle

Kanye West has never shied away unusual publicity stunts — and it looks like the most recent search for self-expression/ploy for attention has Kanye taking some bizarre creative liberties with his hairstyle.

Heaven help us.

A few weeks ago, Yeezy decided to bleach his hair and go blonde. However, the rapper has now added some unusual colors to his new ‘do — specifically, bright yellow and neon pink. Kanye was spotted sporting the new colors outside of the Arclight Cinemas movie theatre in Los Angeles (while apparently going on a solo movie outing).

Since the rapper was hospitalized last month for sleep deprivation and exhaustion, his behavior has been under even more public scrutiny than usual, with many fans worrying that his antics are cause for concern. West raised even more eyebrows when he took a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump earlier this month to discuss “multicultural issues” (which, knowing Trump, probably just involved the two of them both talking about how much they love taco bowls). There are also rumors that West’s marriage to Kim Kardashian is currently crumbling due to his recent erratic behavior.

Even though it seems like ‘Ye’s mental health may be on rocky ground, that hasn’t stopped the Twitter community from savaging the bold new hairstyle.

Some Twitter users think that Kanye’s hair looks like some sort of toxic-colored dessert.

Other can’t help but compare him (unfavorably) to other celebrities and pop-culture icons:

And some even believe that this Kanye is merely a decoy Yeezy.

Regardless of the explanation for the unusual hair dye, it is abundantly clear that Kanye has something unusual in the works. Maybe it’s a new album, maybe it’s a new music video, maybe it’s a new fashion line — or perhaps it’s simply a brief hiatus from the scrutiny of the public eye.

Either way, I think I speak for everyone when I say: please take a nap, Kanye. You look like you need one.

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