The Hot Mugshot Guy Is Now Rich AF Because Of Our Collective Thirst

Crime doesn’t pay… unless you’re ridiculously hot.

Jeremy Meeks, a former gang member, went viral in 2014 after the Stockton Police facebook page posted his insanely hot mugshot photo.

Remember the “Hot Mugshot Guy” Jeremy Meeks?

Thirsty women everywhere were suddenly drenched over Meeks’ mugshot, taken in 2014 after he was arrested on weapons charges. The post garnered international attention, with over 100k likes and 12k shares.

Meeks was released last March and took full advantage of his internet notoriety, quickly securing a modeling contract.

Meeks has had previous brushes with the law, including grand theft auto and suspected gang activity. But he and his family swear he’s moved well past his life of crime.

His modeling career has taken off, as well his Instagram follower count.

Proud to be a part of the @muzikconnect family. Thank you for this opportunity @jasonahardi

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*fans self*

He’s apparently doing well enough to afford this humongous mansion that could house my entire extended family.

God is good

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And a $150,000 Maserati!


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*heart eyes emoji*

Unfortunately for us, he’s taken. Meeks is flourishing in his new life with his wife of 8 years and three kids.

Talk about a second chance. Thirsty people on the internet have more power than I thought. Look at our impact!

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