This Creepy AF Man Used A Syringe To Squirt His Semen At Women In Walmart

It never fails to baffle me how truly disgusting the human race can be, particularly men. Sorry fellas, but you don’t read stories about women shooting their semen out of a syringe at people in the middle of Walmart. Yes, this actually happened and it’s disturbing AF.

A despicable excuse for a human being by the name of Timothy Blake was recently caught spraying women with his semen in an Ohio Walmart.


According to the CBS News, Blake was charged on December 30 with “pandering obscenity, sexual imposition and two counts of menace by stalking.” Not exactly what you’d want to put down on a resume or any sort of online dating profile.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time Blake struck unsuspecting women with his sticky man juice.

Police in Marietta, OH received a complaint about the semen bandit back in November when a woman reported a “creepy” man following her around in Walmart.

At one point she “felt something wet hit her lower back and foot.” She then went into the bathroom “and tried to wipe the material off her but it was sticky.”

Dear god.

The entire disturbing encounter was reportedly backed up by surveillance video. Not that anyone would ever want to see that.

Not long after, Blake and his nasty semen struck again.

A woman at the same Walmart filed a very similar complaint on December 28th. When police noticed a familiar white pickup truck fleeing the scene for a second time, they decided to approach the semen spewer.

After he was finally arrested, an affidavit obtained by CBS News says that Blake revealed he’d used syringes filled with spit, egg, and semen to spray women “on a dozen occasions.”

WHY, just WHY?

He would allegedly masturbate into the syringe either in his car or in the Walmart bathroom and then use it as a means to shoot his sperm at innocent women, aiming to hit their butts. Gag.

In the affidavit, police wrote, “The defendant stated maybe it was his way of having sex with these women.”

To make matters even worse, it turns out Blake is married, but his wife was unaware of these incidents. Well, she knows now buddy.

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