This Toy Horse’s Very Detailed Genitals Are Freaking Everyone Out

Children are curious by nature. That’s probably what leads so many of them to undress their Ken dolls and then ask their parents why Ken’s bowling-ball smooth groin is so much different than theirs. Now, thanks to one toy company’s disturbing attention to detail, even adults are asking questions about toy genitalia.

Twitter user Bob Velcoro noticed something alarming about the toy horse his daughter got for Christmas:

That’s right, this toy horse comes with a pretty lovingly crafted set of dick and balls:


The studly stallion came in a set of toy animals, but none of them had the same, uh, attention to detail as the horse

Someone else found a similar toy mare with a pretty conspicuous vagina:

Some people pointed out that the “horse” cock… didn’t really look like it belonged to a horse at all…

As BuzzFeed noted, there are other “anatomically correct” toys floating around out there:



The imgur user who uploaded these in 2014 claims that the toys were sold at Target.

It all raises the question of WHY? Some people thought it was to normalize anatomy:

Some people thought it wasn’t a big deal at all:

But then what about the other animals? Who decides which animal gets a dong and which doesn’t? (And also how can I get that job?)

Either way, you can bet I’ll be checking out the crotch toy animals from now on

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