16 Of The Worst Things About Having A Class With Your Crush

Your feelings know no bounds when you see that perfect human in class.  Finding yourself looking for words or even becoming a stalker while you watch their every move is totally out of your hands.  Essentially have no control of your own emotions because his aura is so intimidating to handle.

Let’s bring back these reactions and remember the times that you literally couldn’t even.

1. You’re calm, cool and collected… until you see him.

2. Every time the object of your affection walks in, your friends look at you and all you want them to do is look away because it’s making a scene.

3. You see an empty seat next to him and he catches you running through the room to get to the chair.

4. You sit down and immediately question yourself: Do you smile and make eye contact, or should you play it cool and pretend like he doesn’t exist?

5. There is literally no way to get his attention without making a fool out of yourself.

6. And what are you supposed to do with your hands??

7. You can never focus on what the teacher is saying so when he/she abruptly calls on you, you completely blank out.

8. Speaking in front of the class rattles your nerves already, let alone having your heart’s desire watch you.

9. When you finally make out words it turns into a blabbering mess.

10. If you have a sweating problem, it increases times 100% when you see him and you’re kind of shit out of luck.

11. When he talks in class, you can’t help but turn into a pile of mush.

12. And you always compare everything they say and everything they do to your exes.

13. The clock is ticking while you silently plead with him to look at you, but you don’t want him to catch you looking at him.

14. You assume he’s already dating someone, and if he isn’t he probably has his eyes on someone else.

15. Class is finally over and now’s your chance to speak up. But you suddenly go dumb in a way where you’re unable to speak.

16. Whether it’s true or not, you always think your face is bright red and that he can hear your heartbeat. Plus there’s probably a booger in your nose, so better not…

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