Chrissy Teigen Savages Twitter Troll Who Shamed Her For Using IVF To Get Pregnant

Even though pregnancy often feels like a very public ordeal, complete with the extended stomach and baby showers, the path to motherhood can be a very fraught and private journey — so pestering someone about their timeline for having kids can actually come across as hurtful rather than curious.

During the red carpet for the 28th Annual Producers Guild Awards on Saturday, Chrissy Teigen told Entertainment Tonight that she and her husband, John Legend, were eager to expand their family, saying “Oh my God, a little boy is next for sure!”

Since Teigen is a celebrity, the mere mention of her being open to having kids prompted renewed pregnancy rumors. Teigen took to Twitter to explain to her followers why she was so confident in her baby prediction: “I said our next baby would be a boy because that is the embryo we have left.”

She then clarified that she was not pregnant, in case her earlier tweet had not made that clear.

A Twitter user named Linda (who, yes, appears to be a middle-aged white woman), then asked Teigen why she wasn’t trying to have a baby “naturally,” and made a snarky remark about Teigen possibly wanting to avoid sex with her husband. She also expressed distaste for Teigen’s more political tweets.

Um, okay Linda. Get your nose of out other people’s wombs.

Teigen, naturally, had no time for Linda’s shade, and clapped back at her troll, explaining that she went through IVF after trying to conceive naturally for nine years.

When Teigen appeared on FABLife last year, she discussed the difficulties she experienced when she initially tried to get pregnant — so anyone attempting to shame her for her baby-making efforts better prepare for a heavy dose of honesty.

As for Linda, she followed up her tweet with what can only be described as a declaration from her supervillain alter-ego.

Calm down, Linda. You’re going to have to find some smaller fish to bully and shame, because Chrissy Teigen has zero time for your sh*t.

Everybody else: stop asking people when they’re going to have a kid (or more kids), because it’s honestly none of your business.

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