Let These #90sTimeCapsuleItems Transport You To A Simpler Time

Remember the greatness of life in the 90s? You’d come home from school, pull some Sunny D from the fridge, and put on an episode of Goosebumps. Maybe call one of your friends on the clear phone you begged your parents for, paint your nails with glitter polish and plan the weekend sleepover. That is until Mom or Dad pulled into the driveway and you had to make it look like you’d been doing homework the whole time. SIKE!

If you’ve been craving a return to the pre-internet life we once took for granted, you’re in luck. The good people of Twitter took it upon themselves to start the hashtag #90sTimeCapsuleItems, and you won’t believe how many things you probably forgot about.

Viva la Blockbuster!

Because it was a lot easier to defend punching your brother if you could tell Mom, “We were just playing around!”

Remember trying to get these past the recess monitors?

And if you weren’t slammin’ Pogs you better have a damn good reason why.

“We’re sleeping over at Sarah P.’s house tonight. Everyone bring your CD’s!!”

A true relic.

Everyone’s first taste of responsibility, and the crushing guilt of seeing it die.

You ain’t shit if you didn’t skip-it.

If she doesn’t know this quote, she’s too young for you, bro.

LOL, those gas prices tho.

Everything “On Ice,” including Reptar.

Someone’s dad always had a Big Mouth Billy Bass on the wall of the basement rec room.

Bop it. Twist it. Pull it.

It may have taken you hours, but those damn hoops got stacked.

“Get off the phone, I’m online!”

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