People Are Giving Their Thighs Makeovers, And Nobody Knows Why

Once you’ve mastered the art of your daily makeup application, it becomes necessary to branch out and experiment with new trends and techniques. For some, the makeup application process has apparently become so tedious, that they’ve apparently taken to applying full face makeup to their thighs. Because boredom is real, I guess?

Several Instagram makeup mavens are using full contouring, smoky eyeshadow, lip liner and even fake eyelashes to give their legs a fully made-up “face.” And while the impetus behind this trend remains utterly unclear, you have to admit that the results are fairly convincing.

Is it fair for your thigh to have a better cut crease than your actual eyelid?

Closer look 👀🎨 #thighmakeup #cutcrease

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Some people are demonstrating their makeup skills on both thighs, because you know what they say: double the thigh makeup, double the fun!

Say hello to my thighs. Am i mutating? Lolz! #face #art #thighface

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And you bet your sweet ass there’s glitter involved.

It almost makes you wonder why your legs don’t have eyebrows … almost.

Honestly, when it comes to experimenting with bold colors and new techniques, the trend sort of makes sense: you can practice your technique without risking any smudging or undesirable results on your actual face.

I personally don’t get it, and the whole thing makes me want to shake my fist and yell at these youngsters to get off my lawn. But these particular makeup junkies are into it, and that’s all that matters.

Keep those thighs looking fierce, ladies.

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