Some Geniuses Figured Out How To Control Netflix With Your Mind

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a Netflix Law & Order binge-a-thon and, just before they get to the verdict, Netflix decides to ~judgmentally~ ask if you’re still watching. You either have to slither out of your blanket cocoon to click “yes” or to try to find that tiny Apple remote (how does that thing always get away?). But soon there might be a better way.

Engineers at Netflix recently developed a way to let you control Netflix using only your mind

Well, your mind and your head at least.

The Mindflix is a headband that turns brainwaves and head movements into instructions to Netflix

Head movements control your cursor and you play just by thinking the word “play”

The Mindflix headband is a modified Muse headband, which measures brain activity. It was built by Netflix engineers during the company’s Winter Hack Day, when they build and test new Netflix technologies. Past Hack Day developments include family catch-up viewing (which lets you see where other profiles left off on shows so you can keep up) and voice controls.

Watch the whole video here:

What a time to be barely alive…

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