Jerry Rice Just Tweeted About The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl In The Most Dad Way Ever

If you’re familiar with the “Cash Me Outside” girl, then you probably have social media whiplash from the influx of “How Bou’ Dah” memes and videos that are littering your newsfeed right now. And believe me, you are not alone. Ever since the Dr. Phil footage hit YouTube, it’s become either a blessing or a pox on internet culture, depending on your perspective and your tolerance for vaguely-Cajun accents.

Even people who are decidedly removed from online trends are jumping on the “Cash Me Outside” bandwagon.

Recently, Former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver, Jerry Rice, posted a clunky, dad-like tweet which attempted to make use of the meme. “Cash me ousside #HowBowDah,” Rice wrote, before adding, “Just joking have you guys seen the video.”

The caption accompanied a selfie of Rice, where he was doing nothing of any particular interest, and was most definitely not outside.

Is he implying that he’s about to go golfing? That would certainly explain the white baseball cap. Or, is he simply trying to “relate” to the millennial demographic by carelessly flinging out some recognizable slang?

Either way, Twitter basically reacted with the collective equivalent of “Daaaaad, you’re embarrassing meeee!”

Although, for some, the cringe-worthy tweet was more endearing than painful

Perhaps now we can all agree to leave “Cash Me Outside” in the trash, where it belongs?

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