No One Can Deal With These Hot Pics Of A Young Justin Trudeau

It’s no secret that Canadian Prime Minister,ย Justin Trudeau has often been the object of many thirstyย desires. His notoriously swoon-worthy physique and all around endearing nature makes us seriously consider moving North.

Even the First Daughter struggles to contain herself in Trudeau’s glorious presence and we can’t really blame her. As if we needed any more reason to drool over this Canadian official, some wonderful human being released photos of a young Justin and the world cannot deal.

Prepare yourself…

Released photos of a young Justin Trudeau prove that he’s always been a human thirst trap.


*Fans self* I might just need a minute here. What did we do to deserve such a beautiful specimen??

The source of the photos has yet to be undetermined, but we’re very, very grateful. Damn.

Of course, the internet is doing its best to deal with this information.

And that hair…

He could get away with anything, tbh.

Not even mad…

He definitely should’ve been onscreen sooner.

But at least we can enjoy him now…

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