21 Clever Friendship Tattoos That’ll Have You Begging Your Bestie To Get Inked

Friends come and go, but best friends are for life. At least, that’s how I feel about mine. Though we didn’t meet until college, I can’t imagine my life without her.

That being said, I probably wouldn’t hesitate if she spontaneously requested that we get matching tattoos. We’re basically sisters anyway. Below, are just a few of the most unique friendship tats I came across on Instagram and tbh, I wouldn’t be able to pick just one.

1. This shared love for life’s finest food

We ❤️🍕 #pizza thank you @oscarmontestattooer 😍

A post shared by Julia Bernal (@julia_beee) on

2. These interstellar companions

Need ❤ #adorable #tattoo #pair #BestFriendTattoos #CoupleTattoos #WantIt #Space #FlyMeToTheMoon #NotTheMoonTho

A post shared by Rosie 🐱 (@rosalitaeva) on

3. These forever diamonds

Inked and linked for life 💎👯🎀 @hannastockley #diamondtattoo #inked #linked #besties #cute #matching

A post shared by Lana Picot-van Heuven (@lanajosephine22) on

4. This PB&J sandwich

5. These matching lightsabers to keep the force of friendship strong

6. This delectable cupcake trio

7. These barefoot BFFs

8. These magical unicorn triplets

Tag your unicorn love 🦄💕💕

A post shared by Stacy Smith (@tattoome_stacy) on

9. These very “deer” pals

10. These permanent pinky promises

forever & always // that's a promise

A post shared by Megan Bradshaw (@meganbradshaw) on

11. These beautiful Beatles lyrics

The broken-hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer. ✨

A post shared by @beckylikestequila on

12. These diehard Harry Potter fans

Our Remembrall. @alecksrizo #may2nd #battleofhogwarts #harrypotter #hpforlife

A post shared by Araceli Alvarez (@chelibeans) on

13. These heartfelt paper planes

14. A pair of lotus flowers

So this happened. #matchingtats #lotusflower

A post shared by satya (@thegypsysatya) on

15. These matching pineapples

16. These mirrored crescent moons

17. This shamrock trio

18. These devoted caffeine lovers

19. This lipstick duo

Friendship tattoo 😊 #tattoo #friendshiptattoo #kokkola #finland #finnish #tattooer #jopeliustattoo

A post shared by Joonas Nikkinen (@rif_jopeliustattoo) on

20. These mini prehistoric pals

21. These elephant twins

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