Just A Bunch Of Completely Random Facts About Orgasms

A team of sex researchers at Chapman University in California are out with the results of one of most exhaustive (and downright exhausting) sex surveys ever undertaken. More than 52,000 people between the ages of 18 and 65, heterosexual and homosexual, participated in an online poll about their sexual habits and orgasm frequency. (The only thing everybody had in common—they all had to be in a committed, monogamous relationship.) Here are the fascinating takeaways from the study, recently published in Archives of Sexual Behavior.


65 percent of heterosexual women say they have an orgasm every time or almost every time they have sex.


86 percent of homosexual women reporting getting there almost every time or better.


95 percent of heterosexual guys say they “usually or always” have an orgasm.


89 percent of gay men say they always finish.


Orgasm rate among bisexuals: 88 percent for guys, and 66 percent for women.


About a third of both men and women think that full-on intercourse is the most effective way to get a woman to climax.


44 percent of heterosexual women they say rarely or even never orgasm through only vaginal sex.


A whopping 80 percent of heterosexual women say that the best way to get over the edge is with a combination of manual stimulation, deep kissing, and oral pleasure. No intercourse required.


91 percent of gay women say they best climax through that trio of activities.


Candles? Music? Saying “I love you”? Women who said they did these things the last time they had sex were only 20 percent more likely to have had the encounter end in an orgasm.

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