Like Hacks That Are So Brilliant You’ll Wonder How You’ve Been Surviving This Long

Looking to make your life easier and more efficient? Lightbulb ideas are meant to be shared which is why we hand selected some epic tips and tricks to increase your productivity and overall bad-assery. So please enjoy, take notes, and you’re welcome.

Chew gum for increased memory retention.

Bake 2 pizzas at once.

#9gag #pizzaHack

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Keep your kids organized for travel.

Conceal your backup cash.

 Divide and conquer.

Reduce dark circles with tea.

Fix marks on leather.

Organize a drawer with a baking tin.

See guys pinterest is not just for girls!! My hubby knows what's up! @03mattclark92 #husbandbrag #organizationhack

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Keep your snacks cold on flights.

#Glutenfree #travelhack for keeping your packed snacks chilled 😉

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Add volume to your lashes.

Keep messy cupholders clean.

#ProTip Yep! That makes sense! Cupcake liners will keep your cup holders clean and gunk free!

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Repair cracked heels in time for sandal season.

#lifehack #shouldtrythis

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Psych yourself up to study.

How I #motivate #myself to #study… #Studyhack #TagsForLikes #instacool #webstagram

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Turn men’s shirts into dresses.

Stretch tight shoes quickly.

Prevent cutting yourself in a super easy way.

Does anyone else use the handle of their chopping board to cut carrots in half lengthways?? 😂🥕My go-to kitchen hack!

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