5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

If you woke up with a serious case of the Mondays today, it might be time to put things in perspective.

Here are some individuals who somehow managed to make things much worse for themselves this weekend and/or had some rather unfortunate career setbacks, in full view of the general public.

Just be thankful you’re not one of them, mmkay?

1. Donald Trump

5 people rougher weekend lr 2 5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

On Friday, U.S. District Judge for the West District of Kentucky David J. Hale ruled that Donald Trump may very well have been responsible for inciting violence against three protestors during 2016 campaign rally in Louisville when he told his supporters to “get ’em out of here.”

The ruling was part of a lawsuit filed by the three protestors who are seeking damages for the injuries they sustained as a result of Trump’s encouragement to his minions. (I’m editorializing here, but you get the idea.)

The case has been referred to Federal Judge H. Brent Brennenstuhl, who will oversee any further litigation — although it’s not looking great for Trump’s side.

Oh well. Considering the president has been named in over 50 lawsuits since his inauguration, it’s unlikely that the results of these proceedings will be more than a drop in the bucket of Trump’s transgressions, but they’re at least a start.

2. Blac Chyna

5 people rougher weekend lr 21 5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

In May 2016, Blac Chyna attempted to trademark the name Angela Kardashian in order to generate increased income from her various business ventures — a move which, naturally, infuriated Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian. However, the ensuing legal battle has finally yielded a result: Blac Chyna will officially be blocked from trademarking the Kardashian name, even if she patches things up with Rob and they get married as previously planned.

If Chyna hasn’t yet gotten the message that the Kardashians do not want her joining their family, then this move should really hit that point home.

3. Ghost In The Shell

The Scarlett Johansson film has been the subject of considerable whitewashing controversy leading up to its release — which may explain why the $110 million movie, fronted by an A-list star, only managed to garner $18.5 million its opening weekend.

Ouch. Maybe this is will serve as a reminder to movie execs why casting white people in Asian roles is a pretty unpopular move in the modern cultural climate.

4. Anyone Who Used Pornhub On April Fool’s

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On April Fool’s Day, porn-streaming site Pornhub decide to pull the most vindictive and ingenious prank of all: every time someone clicked on a video, a popup would appear that would make the user think the video had been shared to their Facebook page.

Not surprisingly, the goof gave many people a minor heart attack when they thought, for a brief moment, that their porn-streaming habits were accidentally published to social media.

For those of us who didn’t fall prey to the joke, the idea is fairly hilarious. Those who did, however, are probably cursing Pornhub’s name as they attempt to clean the urine off their pants.

5. This Unfortunate Office Worker

Reddit user Bcox2294 had a pretty rough April Fool’s Day after his prank on his coworkers went horribly wrong and he accidentally fried all the office computers:

The first thing I did was turn off auto sleep, then I pulled up a fake update website and full screened it so unless they pressed F11 they couldn’t exit the browser. The last thing I decided to do was play Rick Astley’s ‘Never Going to Give You Up’ in a new tab at low volume so it would just mildly disturb them. Now that the prank was set up I turned the video on loop and full screened the fake update, and then I went home.

When I came in the next day I was excited to see how they would react but when I got to the office I didn’t hear any Rick Astley, but I did see a few irritated coworkers.

Apparently on the old office computers it had overheated from running all night and now the computers won’t turn on. Now I owe several hundred dollars in computer repairs and I am probably the least favorite in the office 😦

Better luck next year, buddy. Perhaps pranks aren’t really your strong suit.

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