Guys Are Using Snapchat’s Scissor Tool To Make Themselves Look *Bigger*, Yes Really

With the advent of so many versatile social media platforms in the past decade, people are constantly discovering new creative techniques for communicating. Whether that be in the form of a tricked out Instagram filter or a 5 second Snapchat sext, the options are endless.

Snapchat, in particular, seems to have an infinite number of possibilities especially when it comes to temporary risqué photos. One outlet discovered recently that the popular app’s sticker function is being used to artificially enhance certain body parts. Yes, really.

Snapchat’s scissor tool allows you to cut out portions from a photo you’ve taken and make them into paste-able stickers.

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When the tool originally debuted back in December, most of us only thought to use it as a form of quick photoshop AKA plastering our zoomed-in faces onto random objects and people. The novelty eventually wore off and tbh, I had forgotten all about this unique feature until recently.

An article on Select All revealed that this scissor tool can also be used to enhance or enlarge certain *ahem* body parts.

Apparently, some people (men) have discovered that this feature can be applied to their nether regions and expanded in order to make themselves appear larger when sexting. Because, that’s clearly what it was created for.

A Twitter search confirmed that several people have “stumbled” across this idea.

First of all, my apologies to anyone who really feels the need to do this. Also, how realistic does the sticker dick actually appear? There’s no way people are unable to see that it’s photoshopped, right? Then again, Snaps typically only last 10 seconds at the most, so maybe that’s not enough time to register the artificial details on said penis? So. Many. Questions.

Clearly, this method is less than practical and probably not used in seriousness by many, but it still makes me wonder.

Well, points for creativity boys, but much like a pushup bra the illusion will eventually be shattered.

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