13 Problems All People Who Are In A Relationship With Bananas Encounter

Also known as that word Gwen Stefani is proud to know how to spell, bananas are one of the most affordable and accessible foods in the world. But at times, we’re faced with the realities of this high potassium fruit letting us down in more ways than one. So for everyone in a love-hate relationship with bananas, here is a friendly reminder why.

1. When you want to eat the entire banana but can’t.

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2. When you thought your newly purchased banana was perfect.

Ok seriously!? I JUST bought this banana. #bananaproblems #grocerystorefail

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3. When you forget you shouldn’t make eye contact while eating a banana.

4. When you lose control because you’re too excited.

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5. When the banana stand only had one job and this shit happens.

Failing at being banana-stand person. Sad face. #bananaproblems #neverendingstory

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6. When the attempt was premature.

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7. When your appetite is suddenly gone.


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8. When you attempt to keep it fresh.

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9. When you’re ready to eat but brown spots got you like:

10. When you hopelessly wait for the monkey to share.

11. When you’re trying to make healthy choices but:

12. When your pet steals your banana and you know you’re not getting it back.

13. Or… when you dress as a banana and it wasn’t exactly a hit.

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