Here’s What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

Congratulations, folks you’ve made it through yet another treacherous workweek and are hopefully enjoying a relaxing weekend by the pool, cold drink in hand. Of course, it wouldn’t really be the weekend without our delightfully naughty Sinners list.

This week’s edition is quite possibly one of our kinkiest lists yet, as every product comes from the infamously successful adult shop Adam&Eve. If you and your partner have been looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom, there is no time like the present. Not to mention, if you enter code SIN at checkout you will get 50% off 1 item + 3 free DVDs + free shipping in the US & Canada (certain exclusions apply).

So, set that browser to incognito and get to shopping. We don’t judge.

1. Scarlet Obey Me Blindfold

adam eve 2 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

If you and your partner have been contemplating bringing some new erotic materials into the bedroom, but aren’t sure where to start, this blindfold is the perfect product. Though it can also be enjoyed by the more experienced BDSM enthusiasts, this mask is ideal for the “newbie” who is looking to dip their toes in. The soft material heightens your partner’s senses and makes every touch feel amazing.

Get it on Adam&Eve for $9.95

2. Sliquid Organics Massage Oil

adam eve 21 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

We all know that sensual massages never fail to set the mood, but it’s important to use the right materials. This organic massage oil is made from natural seed and nut oil blends for a totally organic, erotic sensation anywhere it’s applied. “Try warming it up between your palms and breathe in to let the spicy-sweet scents of mandarin orange and basil awaken your senses and make way for other erotic delights.”

Get it on Adam&Eve for $24.95

3. A&E Condom Sampler

adam eve 22 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

Let’s face it, you’re going to need condoms anyway so why not order this sampler package that comes with 6 different varieties and a total of 24 condoms. There’s something for every taste. Want to feel like you’re not wearing anything? Try the Ultra Thins. If you’d prefer a little ribbed action (tbh, yes please) then go for the Hard Riders or the Ribbed styles. Or maybe your partner needs to *ahem* slow things down a bit…no worries, try out Marathons that are proven to delay his big finish if even for just a little longer.

Get it on Adam&Eve for $12.95

4. Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Bondage Set

adam eve 23 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

We’re willing to bet that the most recent 50 Shades film has left you at least a tad curious about the BDSM world—or perhaps you’ve experienced these types of sexual adventures long before the fan fiction series—either way this bondage set is the perfect way to really spice up your sex life. There are plenty of tools with which to dominate your partner or maybe you enjoy being the submissive one. Whichever you choose, we don’t judge. As the product description says, “The only limits are your fantasies.”

Get it on Adam&Eve for $69.95

5. Erotic Edibles Play Pens

adam eve 24 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

So, most of us know of (and have probably used) edible underwear and/or body paint, but I’ve honestly never seen anything quite like these play pens which instantly makes me want to try them. Each colorful pen has a different fruity flavor and can be used to draw masterpieces or write raunchy words all over your partner’s naked body…before you lick it off. Sounds like a fun time to me.

Get it on Adam&Eve for $9.95

6. Dr Kat’s Flutter Ring

adam eve 25 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

This next product, I’m familiar with after seeing it featured in an in-depth Cosmo article. The writer took this vibrator home with her and tried it out. Let’s just say, she was more than satisfied with its “abilities” and if that’s not enough to inspire your curiosity, the following description sure will, “This soft silicone vibe’s scoop cradles your love bud while four cascading wings flutter around it, electrifying all of your most sensitive spots with 10 intense vibration functions.” I’ll take 1 please!

Get it on Adam&Eve for $29.95

7. Monarch Butterfly Vibe Ring

adam eve 26 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

Aside from your partner having to adjust to the idea of a butterfly near their genitals, this vibrating monarch cock ring is said to give both participants a phenomenal sensation. The double-loop design allows for a tight grip around both the shaft and balls, while the butterfly wings and antennae vibrate right against her clitoris. Sounds like a win-win.

Get it on Adam&Eve for $24.95

8. Sweeten’d Blow Oral Pleasure Gel

adam eve 27 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

Finally! An oral pleasure gel for HER. I’ve seen so many flavored gels for men that are supposed to make their man piece taste like a damn lollipop, but there’s a serious lack of the female equivalent. This gel can actually be used for either form of oral pleasure  as well as nipple stimulation and comes in flavors such as raspberry, strawberry or watermelon. *Drags to shopping cart*

Get it on Adam&Eve for $12.95

9. Clone-A-Willy Kit

adam eve 28 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

If you and your significant other have been struggling with a long distance relationship, particularly when it comes to satisfying those very specific needs, this product might be just what you need. Clone-A-Willy is essentially a DIY dildo-making kit that you can shape from any erect penis. Then, the next time your partner is miles away, you can still have a part of him all to yourself. Some couples have even found the product a fun way to spice things up while their partner is there. One customer said, “My boyfriend and I had so much fun with this kit – it’s so easy! We even enjoyed a double penetration with him in my backdoor, and his ‘replica’ in my vagina!”

Get it on Adam&Eve for $44.95

10. Pleasure Tape

adam eve 29 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

This bondage tape is the perfect way to experience some of your friskiest fantasies. It’s also much easier than having to worry about handcuffs and is more comfortable for the submissive being taped up. One reviewer gave the product 10 stars saying, “This is a great price for a versatile item that has multiple uses for light bondage play or more hardcore. This is a staple in our bedroom collection and always have to have a few rolls on hand!” Well, maybe I’ll just have to see for myself.

Get it on Adam&Eve for $9.95

11. Under The Bed Restraint System

adam eve 210 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

This next product is one of the most popular and discrete bondage toys for the kinkiest of couples. The restraint system adapts to any bed type and is guaranteed to bring you and your partner hours of adventurous fun. Once the two of you are feeling more experienced, the product description suggests trying a variety of different restraint styles. “Instead of clipping the cuffs to the nylon straps, you could clip the cuffs together to form handcuffs, leg shackles or even hog ties. And that’s just for starters!” Um, yes please.

Get it on Adam&Eve for $69.95

12. Good Head Kit For Him

adam eve 211 Heres What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

Last, but certainly not least is this all-inclusive Good Head kit just for him. The package comes equipped with all kinds of accessories to give him the most pleasurable blow job he’s ever experienced. From cool mints that will give him a tingling sensation in all the right places, to a vibrating cock ring…the possibilities are endless. There’s even a tip card that offers a few oral pointers for beginners and vets alike. One reviewer insisted the gel was her favorite part, “It really numbed my throat it worked very well. I would definitely recommend this. It worked way better than I thought it was.” Hmmm.

Get it on Adam&Eve for $19.95 

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