21 People Shared Small Things That Make Big Differences

More often than not, it’s easy to devalue things that seem insignificant. And it’s all too simple to forget that small attitude adjustments and habit changes can significantly change your overall mood. So if you’re looking for some reminders to make your life more awesome, read these insightful ways that Redditors have turned minimal efforts into impactful differences.

1. Billigesbuch wants to be memorable.

Saying someone’s name. I notice at work that people who say my name upon greeting me make a better impression than other people. For one thing, I know they bothered to remember my name .

2. Simusid has a great management trick.

Telling someone they did a good job when they did. I pay the bills for the place that I volunteer and we have a local cleaning service. They’ve always done a good job. They’re on time, professional, and thorough.

I was paying his bill and happened to see his phone number and just decided to call him. I said “hi this is Simusid and I’m on the board of directors for [Place] that you clean” and I could tell that he was bracing for some kind of complaint. I said “I just wanted to tell you that I think you do a great job.”

Right away I could tell that his tone changed and I could almost hear him smiling. We talked for just another minute before I hung up. It honestly felt good telling someone they’re appreciated and I expect he was very happy to hear it.

3. Your_Cover_Fire is looking for a little affection.

People never really realize the effect a good hug can have till they’re given one.

4. Hellotrickster will make sure you’re safe.

When my boyfriend drops me off at night, he always makes sure I’m inside before he drives away. It’s not big, but when I noticed it it really changed the way I look at him.

5. Acepein2 is probably a dentist but we could all use the reminder…

Flossing. So much bacteria builds up between your teeth that you just can’t get through brushing, even if you brush two or three times a day. Too much plaque can lead to gum and tooth decay, which can actually damage your organs and lower your immunity to various diseases. Having bad teeth is terrible for your liver, for example.

6. Irbinator focuses on listening to understand, not to respond.

I had a job interview for a software engineering position last month and during the interview I asked the interviewer what they thought is the most important quality in a person was, and they responded with the ability to listen. We talked a little bit about what it means to listen, and for me about to graduate and enter in the real world I found it a good thing to reflect about.

Too often we are so focused on what we want to say we don’t think enough about hearing other voices.

7. Pajamakitten thinks you should get up and go.

Exercise. You don’t have to be a gym rat to feel a difference either. A walk at lunch/in the evening, a jog a couple of times a week or some bodyweight fitness every day is better than nothing. It’s good for your physical and mental health.

8. Resting bitch face won’t work for Jajoju123.

A smile. I have had some dark days. It is amazing how much a smile, from a friend or a stranger, can really change my mood when I feel down and alone.

9. It’s all about keeping an open mind for l-Orion-l.

Seeing things from both sides. So many people are close minded that they forget that people experience totally different realities from their own. Even if the person still disagrees with an opinion, showing that they understand where you are coming from can make all the difference.

10. 123binky has a short and sweet day-maker.

Using your turn signals.

11. Acknowledging the homeless people is Lemonfluff’s small but big gesture.

Talking to the homeless person or even just acknowledging them.

I gave only loose change (maybe 70p) to a kid about my age who has been homeless for several years. He seemed really nice, very polite, well-spoken, but cold and miserable. I apologised for how little it was and he just said, “to be honest, it’s not even the money right now. I’m more grateful you gave me the time of day. Most people don’t even look at you or say ‘no thanks’. You spoke to me.”

So at least acknowledge the homeless people, even if you turn them down. A look in the eye and quick “sorry mate, have a good day though”. It might help them feel human again.

12. WhyNotJustTryInstead’s way to prevent a messy ending.

Cleaning as you go. If you’re cooking and just waiting for something to simmer or whatever start washing your pots and utensils before everything hardens, for example.

13. Eire_Ramza is all about manners.

You’d be surprised how many people lack the most basic of mannerisms (please, thank you, etc). When I used to work in retail it baffled me just how lacking people were with regards to being mannerly and courteous. It doesn’t cost anything to have manners, and it goes a long way. Your manners really reflect on you as a person.

14. Yourmotherisawhore1 encourages people to cut the snacks.

Not eating small amounts of junk food throughout the day. Even one nice treat a day is bad…that shit adds up pretty fast. You can weight overtime, heart disease, diabetes, cavities…list goes on.

Also, drink water.

15. Monsterinacage calls it “the 2 minute rule.”

Taking 2 minutes to do something. 

If it takes two minutes or less, just do it. Don’t quip about it just do it. Make your bed, brush your teeth, dust a shelf, etc. It makes you feel good and if you spend an hour a day like that you feel more productive. Works for me, it’s also a good work habit and people will admire you for it sometimes.

16. SmokeEaterFD looks people in the eyes.

Eye contact.

From a partner, a co-worker or a cashier. You give respect to the person directly in front of you. You might even pick up on body language that helps communicate all sorts of social interaction.

17. Bathbodyworks has a great point.

Introducing yourself to the new person in the office. First impressions mean a lot. I still remember who said hi and who didn’t .

18. AJM5K6 prepares the next day the night before.

I lay out my pills, get my gym clothing ready, and make sure my water bottle is full. I would take the time to pack my lunch and had an idea of what I was going to have for breakfast.

And before I roll over and close my eyes I would double check my alarm.

When I was active duty I would also make sure my uniform was perfect also. It makes the morning so easy.

19. Leave your earbuds behind and hear Kredfield51’s technique.

Having time to think to yourself. I recently stopped listening to music on my runs/walks and my mind has never been more chill about stuff. Having like 15 minutes of nothingness where all you’re thinking about is pushing yourself and whatever pops in. It’s great.

20. Analoguefrog wants you to pay attention to your stance.

Posture. Take a deep breath and exhale. Do you feel your back straightening out and your shoulders moving up? Relax those shoulders while keeping that back straighter. Enjoy the many physical and social benefits.

21. Try Bqd37340’s idea because receiving surprise letters vs. bills is always better.

Hand-written thank you notes. Especially to grandparents. But to anyone really…

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