5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

If you woke up with a serious case of the Mondays today, it might be time to put things in perspective.

Here are some individuals who somehow managed to make things much worse for themselves this weekend and/or experienced some rather cringe-y embarrassing moments, in full view of the general public.

Just be thankful you’re not one of them, mmkay?

1. Donald Trump

This weekend was the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, also known as Donald Trump’s Least Favorite Day Of The Year. The event is geared towards political journalists roasting the current administration in (mostly) good humor. And, since Donald Trump cannot take a joke, he decided to avoid the event at all possible costs (because it doesn’t take a genius to recognize when they’re an easy target, I guess).

Although it is customary for the president to attend the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Trump instead chose to attend a rally for himself in Pennsylvania, in honor of his 100th day in office. At the rally, Trump lampooned that media and the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, describing the event as a “large group of Hollywood actors and Washington media consoling each other in a hotel ballroom in our nation’s capital.”

However, if you’ve ever been through a rocky breakup, you know sour grapes when you hear them — and I am 100% certain that Trump was infuriated by the fact that people were gleefully (and publicly) roasting him at a White House-sanctioned event.

Yep. I am confident Donald Trump watched this at three in the morning, and nearly burst a blood vessel as he tried to keep himself from tweeting about it.

2. Everyone Involved With Fyre Festival

As you are probably well-aware by now, the luxe, tropical music festival organized by Ja Rule known as Fyre Fest was supposed to take place this weekend. However, as soon as festival-goers attempted to reach the island in the Bahamas where the event was to be held, it became clear that almost nothing had been organized properly. People were stranded in the Miami airport, flights were canceled, the accommodations were disaster-relief tents, the food was paltry, and the infrastructure was nonexistent.

Once it became evident that the festival had devolved into a total mess, those responsible for promoting the event pretty much spent the entire weekend apologizing.

This included Bella Hadid, who promoted Fyre Fest on social media …

… as well as, of course, Ja Rule. (Who only sort of apologized for the mess.)

Sorry, guys. Turns out, organizing a music festival is actually hard, and not something you can just slap together!

3. Billy Ray Cyrus

5 people who had a rougher weekend than you did 21 5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

In a Rolling Stone interview which was released on Friday, Billy Ray Cyrus inadvertently revealed what we’ve all suspected for a while: that he’s gone off the fucking deep-end.

Not only did the singer claim that he would be releasing an EDM version of “Achy Breakey Heart,” (???!?!!) but he also asserted that he would be dropping the “Billy Ray” and simply going by the name “Cyrus” from now on.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the direct quote:

“After August 25th, I will be the artist formerly known as Billy Ray. I’m just going by my last name Cyrus. I always went by Cyrus, and I begged Mercury Records to call me Cyrus in the beginning because that’s what I was comfortable with. I’m going to the hospital where I was born in Bellefonte, Kentucky, and legally changing my name.”

Does Billy Ray Cyrus understand that hospitals aren’t in charge of legally changing names?? I don’t know, but I’m really concerned that Billy Ray Cyrus is not okay, you guys!!

4. Olivia Munn

5 people who had a rougher weekend than you did 2 5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

Recently, professional attractive movie-person, Olivia Munn, split up with her boyfriend of three years, professional attractive sports-person, Aaron Rodgers. And, according to *inside sources* it seems that Rodgers is moving on far too quickly for Munn’s taste.

Rodgers was recently spotted golfing with Sports Illustrated model Kelly Rohrbach, and someone close to the situation told HollywoodLife that Munn is pretty peeved about the apparent rebound:

“Aaron made it seem like he was in no rush to date anyone else when they split. It was more about the issues they were having — the fighting and him needing space. Now she’s wondering if Aaron wasn’t being completely honest with her and had his eye on Kelly while they were together.”

This gossip could (probably) be totally untrue — but I’m definitely willing to believe that seeing paparazzi photos of your ex apparently dating someone else shortly after your breakup is probably pretty painful.

But, then again, Olivia Munn is also super hot, so I’m betting she’ll be just fine.

5. Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice has worked so hard to quash the speculations that she has had a beef with former Victorious costar, Ariana Grande. She even publicly addressed and denied the rumors on The Meredith Vieira Show in 2015, telling everyone they needed to “let it go.”

But, some footage emerged this week which has definitely added fuel to the fire, in terms of speculating about the rumored feud. The clip features some of the young Victorious stars gushing about Ariana’s constant singing — to which Victoria interjects, “I think we ALL sing.”

The moment quickly became Twitter’s favorite new pettiness meme.

Victoria was then forced to address the (apparently) nonexistent feud yet AGAIN. 

In all likelihood, being the subject of an unflattering meme is probably a huge pain in the ass. That said, it’s probably nice for Victoria Justice to feel relevant again — even if it’s only for a minute.

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