This Baffling Optical Illusion Of A Girl’s Super-Stretch Arm Is Making The Internet Do A Double-Take

Even if you consider yourself to be a fairly eagle-eyed individual, a decent optical illusion can still blow your damn mind.

Recently, 18-year-old Eleanor Bailey of Leeds took a photo of her sister and some friends at a U.K. nightclub. However, what started out as a cute photo op transformed into something else entirely when Eleanor realized that her sister’s arm appeared to look like a magical, six-foot long extendable limb in the photograph.

It really looks like this girl is reaching straight across her friends to hold up her fist in solidarity — stretching her arm out like she has some damn superpowers!

People were utterly vexed by the photo, and could not understand how Eleanor’s sister managed to get her arm all the way over there.

As with most optical illusions, the explanation is fairly simple: everyone is wearing black, so the black space on the bottom of Eleanor’s friends’ shirts make it appear as if her sister is stretching an arm across the two of them. The girl on the far left is the one who’s actually holding up her arm, bent at the elbow.

this baffling optical illusion of a girls super stretch arm is making the internet do a double take 2 This Baffling Optical Illusion Of A Girls Super Stretch Arm Is Making The Internet Do A Double Take

So, sadly, it’s not as magical or confusing as everyone initially thought.

However, some people were far more interested with the guy in the background, who may be the true star of this photograph.

To me, those eyes say “Holy shit, does that girl have a six-foot arm?”

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