17 Facts People Learned In School That Are No Longer True

Reliable facts we consider to be true now might change over time. For example, we once thought there were 9 planets. I mean, it was in our history books so it must be true, right? And with constant science discovery and never-ending historical alterations, our knowledge is ever-evolving. So let’s re-educate and laugh about what we once learned in school.


1. Remember when the food pyramid was a smart idea for decades?

Carbohydrates are the most important of the food groups. Followed by fruits and vegetables. – AlRue 

2. Thinking your life would be over if you forgot your calculator.

You’re not gonna have a calculator every where you go. –Bigredm88

3. Science changes by the decade day.

They taught us in school back in the 70’s that we were entering another Ice Age. Boy were they wrong. – DDaTTH

4. Remember when where were 9 planets?

Pluto was a planet when I was at school. – Ambertheginger

5. Might want to read this NY Times article.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the richest most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.

Sorry to be such a bummer. – M4RTIAN

6. Realizing we have 5 oceans…

Thinking we had 4 oceans.

I was so confused when my daughter started talking about the Southern Ocean. I almost punished her for lying about an answer on her homework instead of just saying “I don’t know” – MattProducer

7. Our allies used to be different.

The Soviet Union is our biggest enemy. – AkumaBengoshi

8. Remember learning about the tongue map?

The tongue and its different sections for tasting different tastes. In addition that there was only like 4 tastes.

Turns out there was 5 and it had been known been about for like 70 years before I was taught about it.

My life was in tatters after hearing that what I believed about my tongue was false. – Plasticsheet1944

9. This is a Maury TV show nightmare.

That two blue-eyed parents can’t have a brown-eyed child. Apparently not only is this pure bullshit – the genetics of eye colour is more complex than that – it led to a lot of kids being rejected by their real fathers before DNA testing became available. – Toomanyrougneds

10. Our brains are better than we thought.

Brain cells are finite and you only get the ones you start with. – Mposha

11. Turns out, Pilgrims and Indians weren’t besties.

My early teachers always said that the pilgrims and the Indians got along and had a happy thanksgiving, all was joyous!

But when I got to 4th grade my teacher basically said “Everything you know about thanksgiving is a LIE” And sadly we learned the truth. – UmbreHonest

12. A slogan so good, we made it a lifestyle.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nope. Just a slogan paid for by Kellogg’s. – Jasdjensen

13. Teaspoons and periods don’t belong in the same sentence.

You only lose two teaspoons of blood during a period. Buuullllshhiiiiiit. – Katyewest

14. A true blood dilemma.

Human blood is blue until it’s oxygenated. – MizukiAyu

15. Americans are either lazy or just love the Imperial system too much.

I was taught in grade school that we had to know the metric system because the United States was going to adopt it like, any day now. For sure.

That was about 30 years ago. – Ahighcoldstar

16. Remember when cursive was important a few years ago?

That the art of writing in cursive would be very important in our lives. – Sarandipity4

17. Never trust a map.

In 3rd grade I was taught that Antarctica was the second largest continent, because it looked that way on a map.

I honestly don’t know if my teacher actually believed that or if she was just fucking with us. – Beaumontmax


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