Boyfriends Are Being Big Ol’ Weirdos And Wearing Their Girlfriends’ Fake Lashes On Their Cheeks

I think it goes without saying that most guys are monumental weirdos, who do strange and unusual things that defy explanation — and, occasionally, those strange and unusual things are actually kind of sweet.

Case in point: Nathan Ontiveros, a YouTuber from Dallas, recently posted a couple of hilarious forlorn photos to Twitter, which featured him wearing his girlfriend’s discarded fake eyelashes. The tweet read, “When you miss your girl and her lashes are the only thing you have to remind you of her.”

Cute! Weird! Cute and weird!

I guess us ladies have a well-known habit of leaving our old falsies at our significant other’s apartment, because pretty soon, other guys were responding to Ontiveros’ tweet with their own fake eyelash photos (presumably using their girlfriend’s lashes).

Guys seemed to universally deem this phenomenon as 100% relatable.

(I have no idea why, but I find these photos to be both charming and hilarious.)

Ontiveros explained to the Daily Dot that his girlfriend, YouTube makeup artist Brittney Kay Garza, had originally texted him, asking if he’d seen her eyelashes around his house.

“When I found them I took these pics thinking it would be funny to post,” Ontiveros wrote. “When I saw that people were tweeting pics with their partners’ lashes on their face, I was more happy than anything! It’s nice to see people having fun on Twitter and not being so serious all the time!”

And, for the record, Garza finds the whole thing to be extremely entertaining.

“We have been together for a year, and yes, our relationship is extremely goofy and full of pranks and jokes,” Garza told the Daily Dot. “My boyfriend makes tons of parody videos, so every day it’s something new.”

The response has been both bizarre and vastly entertaining. One guy even said that he likes to keep his girlfriend’s lashes close, just in case he misses her.


Now it’s only a matter of time before those lashes migrate up their faces and these guys figure out just how much a pair of falsies can really set off your eyes …

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