This ‘Evolution Of Douchebag Style’ Video Shows What Kind Of F*ckbois Your Grandma Dealt With

No matter what year it is, the existence of douche baggery will never cease to be apparent. Just as every female will inevitably encounter a catty “plastics” squad, a collection of douche bags can consistently be found starting fights at a local bar or making nauseating passes at women.

Though they’ve always been around, the proverbial ‘douche bag’ has had a variety of different styles over the past few decades. A recent video filmed by the production company, Circa Laughs showcases each and every one of these iconic looks and it might just make you want to punch something.

Circa Laughs’ newest video, Evolution Of Douchebag Style, is so accurate you’ll want to punch something.

In the hilarious video, Circa Laughs takes viewers through several decades of grade-A asshole style starting with the 1940s. Though we all know douche bags have existed far longer than this, the 40s is a pretty decent starting point. Whether it’s a Kenickie from Grease persona or a man bun-wearing vaper, they’ve got it all.

It may be difficult, but try your hardest not to punch the douche-filled screen.

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