17 People Confess The One “Flaw” They Find Attractive In A Partner

It isn’t uncommon for people to measure themselves against society’s unrealistic beauty standards. We’ve all wished we could alter something about our physical appearance at some point, and this insecurity often causes us to assume that other people will only see these “flaws” and nothing else. However, there are many traits we perceive as imperfections that other people actually find extremely attractive.

For instance, while the assumption is that girls prefer tall guys, some girls are really into short guys, and some girls—like myself—could give AF less about height. It just depends on the person. Reddit asked its community about the physical qualities they’re drawn to in a partner that are typically seen as “flaws” and their responses did not disappoint.

1. ImLuisAG digs a five head.

I used to have a thing for woman with big foreheads.

When I was in high school I dated 3 girls with slightly bigger foreheads and didn’t realized it until one of my friends pointed it out and made fun of me for it.

Edit: I said I used to because I’m married now and unfortunately she doesn’t have a five head. Still love her though.

2. heyitsbay would go crazy for Nigel Thornberry.

I love big noses on guys. Not because I think it says something about other parts of anatomy, I just think it makes gentlemen look rather distinguished.

3. Supertoxic_dabs might have a thing for elves.

I’ve always thought pointy ears were really pretty on women.

4. vitasnella doesn’t mind a quickie.

I love when a guy cums “too quickly”.

5. Us too, fatgirl4life.

Laugh lines around people’s eyes. I think they’re sweet and show the kind of person you are that you’re always smiling.

6. 4p3e likes a noticeable sniffer.

I love girls with prominent noses.

7. Maybe BerningBrains is into the whole sexy librarian thing.

GLASSES. I’m like Kevin from the Office. “Could you just say… these are due back thursday?”

8. Well they do make you unique, VegetarianDog_.

I think scars are attractive.

9. We appreciate you, AlRue.

Girls with messy, uneven and/or short hair.

10. benster82 likes an introvert.

When they are extremely shy and anti-social in public, but with their friends they are one of the most talkative people in the group.

11. Agreed, Scherazade.

Being willing to do stupid stuff on a whim. Too often people try to be all suave and sexy, when honestly it makes you seem like a romance robot.

Half the time the people I’ve fallen in love with have been idiots who like to do stupid stuff on dares or because it was funny over people who think they’re the Second Coming of Catherine Zeta Jones when their true personality is to be a cute dork.

12. Carnivile is proof that not everyone wants a tall guy.

Being small. I find myself constantly falling for guys 5’5″ and less. The fact that I can hold them in my arms and cuddle it’s just amazing.

13. Gryphacus is into raspy talkers.

Women with deeper or slightly gravelly voices.

14. Hair is A-okay with Chosolate.

We all know how society is about body hair. But strangely enough, on guys or girls I think it’s so fucking adorable. As long as they’re clean the hair doesn’t matter.

My boyfriend is very shy because his chest is pretty hairy but I just gush over it.

To be honest though, I think meeting him is what made me think it’s so attractive. You fall in love with someone’s personality and you come to love absolutely everything they dislike about themselves. Same with him not being extremely tall or have a super deep voice. I love it.

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