Jessica Chastain Threw A Truly Impressive Amount Of Shade At Johnny Depp In This Interview

The past year as been something of an “unveiling” for Johnny Depp — except that, instead of showing off a reinvented persona or a new piece of art, he’s just revealing to all of us his true, unpleasant self.

The allegations of physical abuse made against the actor by former wife Amber Heard last summer certainly cast a disturbing light on Depp, as did the corroborations of a drinking problem and a diva attitude.

In a recent profile from The Hollywood Reporter, “sources” from the set of the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales said that Depp was chronically late on multiple occasions, leaving the rest of the cast and crew waiting around for hours:

Still, sources close to the production report tales of excessive drinking, physical fights with (Amber) Heard and constant lateness on set, which often left hundreds of extras waiting for hours at a time. Time and again, Bruckheimer, an assistant director and a flotilla of Disney executives led by production chief Sean Bailey were forced to huddle and debate how to handle their star’s tardiness. “He’s not a morning person,” quips one member of that group.

In summation: Johnny Depp doesn’t exactly seem to have his house in order right now, and the cracks in his famous facade are certainly starting to show.

And, during a recent BBC interview with actress Jessica Chastain, it became clear that some of Depp’s fellow celebrities aren’t pleased with his behavior, either — particularly when it comes to bothering to learn his damn lines.

In the BBC interview, the interviewer tells Jessica Chastain that Johnny Depp occasionally has “lines fed to him in an earpiece,” before asking her if she has her own technique for remembering her lines.

The eye roll that follows is totally golden.

“My technique is working hard,” Chastain responded, rather pointedly.

While I’m sure this wasn’t intended to be an indication of any bad blood between the two actors, it’s definitely an important reminder that there are people in the industry (*cough* women *cough*) who are putting in the hours and working much harder than people like Depp — and are often not being compensated equally.

Also, like, how difficult is it to bother to learn your damn lines?? It’s like, one of the few actual tasks you have as a Hollywood actor. Sheesh …

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