Jimmy Kimmel’s Staff Read The Most Ridiculous Texts They’ve Received From Their Moms And We Can Relate

This Sunday is Mother’s Day which means we should be figuring out a meaningful way to thank the women who raised us, put up with our endless amount of crap throughout the years, and still continue to love us unconditionally despite our mistakes.

One of the best ways to acknowledge these superhero maternal figures in our lives is by poking a little fun at their unintentionally hilarious mom behavior. On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel asked his staff to read the most “mom” texts they’ve received from their own mothers and it’s pure gold.

Jimmy Kimmel asked his staff to read hilarious texts from their moms in honor of Mother’s Day.

Moms are really just the best texters aren’t they? Whether it be random stories from her day or questions about social media, or even some brutal honesty only a mom can provide, these mothers are relatable to say the least.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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