People Are Confused As Hell Over This Tricky “Wheel Of Fortune” Puzzle

Optical illusions and puzzles have become an internet favorite. Whether it be deciding if a dress is actually blue or gold or if someone appears to be missing an important appendage, people love to spend hours uncovering the mystery.

A recent episode of the popular word trivia show, Wheel of Fortune, left its viewers inconceivably puzzled and it was only a matter of time before the internet jumped in to share their thoughts.  

In a recent Wheel of Fortune episode, viewers were extremely perplexed by this final round puzzle:

926244 2 People Are Confused As Hell Over This Tricky Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle

If by some atrocity you’ve never watched the popular trivia show—during the final round of every game, the letters ‘RSTLNE’ are automatically filled in to the puzzle and players must guess from what’s remaining. This week, contestants and at-home viewers alike were stumped for answer.

*furrows eyebrows* Maybe it’s just me, but none of the possibilities coming to mind seem very appropriate for a cable TV show.

Twitter users began to speculate possible answers, but none of them seemed quite right.

One user dubbed the puzzle a new “blue dress”:

And some started to get flustered.

Others found it hilarious.

But we continued to puzzle…


Until the answer was finally revealed: “Back at work”

REALLY? Come on…would it have been so bad to drop an F-bomb in there?


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