This Woman Got Cat-Fished By A 97-Year-Old Man And Twitter Is Reeling

Anyone who has ever dabbled in the world of online dating knows how much of a gamble it can be. Aside from the mere thought of going through the already awkward first date rituals, there’s always that small chance the other person isn’t who they say they are. Catfish-ing is very really and it happens all too often.

One Twitter user recently shared her tale about the time she was a victim of a dishonest OkCupid profile and the encounter will seriously make your skin crawl.

Priya-Alika Elias, who goes by @priya_ebooks on Twitter, recently shared a story about the time she was tricked into going out with a 97-year-old man.

Back in 2014, Elias was living in Boston and chatting with an OkCupid user who had a vague profile and no clear photos of himself or a listed age. *RED FLAG*

However, she was pretty lax about the whole scenario and agreed to meet him for a date. Because what could possibly go wrong?

Pria says she had no idea the man she would meet was elderly.

She admits being intrigued by the writing on his profile.

And agreed to meet him for dinner.

But he wasn’t quite what she expected.

Apparently, he was old…like REALLY OLD.

After the initial shock wore off, Priya asked the stranger about his OKC profile.

Just as the unexpected, yet seemingly harmless encounter seemed to be ending, the man said something creepy AF.


Priya was so shaken that she blacked out and somehow got the hell out of there.

Like any of us would, Priya headed straight home to wash the disgusting words off of her and deleted her OKC account.

Good god.

Several of her followers could not believe this scenario had actually occurred.

But Priya reassured them it had in fact, happened.

Moral of the story: don’t meet up with people you’ve never seen a real picture of and don’t go alone!

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