20 Pieces Of Unexpectedly Clever Life Advice, As Told By Graffiti Artists 

Graffiti and street art can be controversial. But when featured in the right light, it’s argued by many to be a medium for voices to express themselves, motivate others or start a conversation for social change. So when you see something that makes you smile or inspires you to be better, let it captivate you and enjoy.

1. Chaos is good.

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2. Stand up for what you believe.

3. Don’t freeze.

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4. You can’t buy happiness.

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5. Love = Love

6. And is always the answer.

7. Because life is short.

8. Experience it all.

Throwing it back to those Greece adventure times. #graffitiadvice #santorini

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9. Don’t let the world melt you down.

10. Focus on the future not past.

11. There is no I in we.

12. No need to overcomplicate.

13. True…

shiieeettt…but we can TRY! lol #ProblemSolved #IfAtFirstYouDontSucceed #TryTryAgain #GraffitiAdvice

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14. Also true…

15. Share the love.

We had to put my dog down today 😔 so I guess this kind of applies to a lot of things #graffitiadvice

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16. Live. Work. Create.

Live, Work, Create. #graffitiadvice

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17. Don’t forget to empathize.

Empathy is the key. #graffiti #quote #graffitiquotes #graffitiquote

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18. Jokes aside.

19. Be happy.

20. And awesome.


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