Chris Pratt Snapped A Photo With His Wife’s Look-a-like And Anna Farris Was Less Than Pleased

Jurassic World star Chris Pratt announced back in April that he would no longer be taking photos with fans, but would kindly offer a handshake instead. Of course, this doesn’t stop the most determined admirers who continue to snap pics anyway and apparently, Pratt also makes exceptions for fans that look like his wife Anna Farris.

The star recently snapped a photo with a fan he claimed to be his wife’s supposed doppelganger and Farris appears less than pleased about the entire affair. Needless to say, the internet can’t get enough.

Chris Pratt recently took a photo with a fan who he thought bore an uncanny resemblance to his wife Anna Farris.

927538 2 Chris Pratt Snapped A Photo With His Wifes Look a like And Anna Farris Was Less Than Pleased

The fan’s husband shared the photo to Reddit with the caption: “My wife met Chris Pratt….Anna Faris didn’t approve.”

Back in April, Chris Pratt said that he refused to take any more photos with fans and would instead offer a handshake, but of course they usually snap a photo anyway. Clearly, he made an exception for this woman he believed to be his wife’s doppelgänger.

Aside from the blonde hair and bangs, I don’t see a noticeable likeness here. However, it isn’t the alleged similarity that’s causing this photo to go viral—it’s Anna Farris’s hilariously peeved reaction in the background that every female can relate to.

Anna Farris appears to be less than amused.

927538 21 Chris Pratt Snapped A Photo With His Wifes Look a like And Anna Farris Was Less Than Pleased

That’s a “your ass is sleeping on the couch tonight” face if I’ve ever seen one.

One Redditor commented with this burning question that, tbh we were all wondering: “Your wife looks similar to Anna here. Question of the hour: do you look similar to Chris?”

To which the poster responded, “Not even close,” he said. “I have been told I have a great personality though.”

Well, that certainly gets you major points if your wife can make Anna Farris jealous.

The “Disapproving Anna Farris” photo quickly spread through the internet including on Imgur where it has garnered over 1.8 million views.

Anna must be channeling her inner April Ludgate and Andy is about to be in some serious trouble.

Let’s just hope Pratt can charm his way out of the dog house because Anna’s a force to be reckoned with.

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