90s Kids Are Losing Their Minds Because Trix Cereal Looks Completely Different Now

Any 90s kid who grew up hearing the phrase “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!” can attest to the popularity of Trix cereal. After school, every other commercial featured the iconic white rabbit mischievously plotting ways to steal this sugary breakfast food from unsuspecting kiddos.

The cereal, once infamous for its variety of disturbingly bright colors, has recently received a drastic makeover and we’re not quite sure how to feel about it. It’s probably better for us, but what fun is that?

The infamously colorful Trix cereal recently altered their look and 90s kids are not pleased.

928137 2 90s Kids Are Losing Their Minds Because Trix Cereal Looks Completely Different Now

Give yourself a moment if you need it—we know how shocking the above image may be. Yes, that is really the Trix cereal you’ve come to know and love and experienced rainbow colored poop after eating.

According to Fox, the drastic change is part of a 2016 initiative from General Mills to remove artificial flavors and colors, “fruit and vegetable juice are now used for flavoring and spice extracts for color, replacing lab-made ingredients such as Red 40 and Yellow 6.”

Apparently Golden Grahams and Cocoa Puffs are also set to receive more health-conscious makeovers.

“We recognize food culture and food values are changing,” said senior marketing manager Lauren Pradhan, according to Fox. “We wanted to say ‘Hey we get it’ and ‘You can love your favorites all over again.'”

Alright, alright, that makes sense…BUT I’m still having some serious 90s nostalgia over this. Remember the good ole’ days when we could eat our artificial flavors in peace?

Twitter user, Molly Cyrus posted a photo of the new and “improved” Trix cereal and people were shocked.

We feel you, Molly.

Several were understandably upset about the change.

And one even offered a conspiracy theory.

Seems legit.

I guess we’ll always have the commercials…

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