Little Girl Can’t Stop Crying When She Realizes That Being A Parent Is ‘Exhausting’

Kids often don’t realize how difficult parenting is until they’re well on their way to having offspring of their own. As such, they generally don’t appreciate the years of exhaustion and — let’s be honest — intermittent agony that they put their parents through.

However, one particular little girl has just gone viral for sympathizing with the plight of parenthood, making her far ahead of her time.

In a recent video posted by America’s Funniest Home Videos, a tearful little girl is weeping on the couch. When her mother asks her why she’s crying, the little girl’s response is simple: because she’s just realized how much work goes into being a mom, and she is 100% NOT READY for that life.

“I don’t want kids! They’re too exhausting!” she exclaims to her own (probably exhausted) mother.

I’m not sure what caused this little girl to suddenly have her mind blown by this random realization, but I must applaud her forward-thinking: she is still a baby herself, and yet she’s already savvy to the fact that babies are a terrifying undertaking.

The little girl’s mom, to her credit, assures her daughter that there is absolutely zero pressure for her to have kids — which will, hopefully, at least help this little girl sleep easier at night.

Meanwhile, parents everywhere are watching this and thinking , “YOU DON’T KNOW THE HALF OF IT, KID.”

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