5 reasons to say “Hell yeah!” this week

Give yourselves a nice pat on the back folks, you’ve survived yet another long and laborious workweek and the sweet freedom of the weekend is just within your grasp. Before the clock strikes five and you evolve into a happy, relaxed version of yourself, take a moment to check out all of the good news we shared this week. What better way to kick off happy hour?

1. This girl who posed with an inflatable T-rex for prom

“Hannah, a teenager in New York, decided to take her glorious prom pictures accompanied by an “older man” — like, a prehistorically older man. A handsome Tyrannosaurus Rex showed up for the photoshoot, adding a certain debonair flair to the whole thing. Naturally, Twitter was pretty stoked on the idea of a T-Rex prom photoshoot.”


2. This fitness blogger who’s shutting down unrealistic beauty standards

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“Stacey Lee, a psychologist and fitness blogger, is going viral for her before-and-after photos that reveal just how unrealistic Photoshop can be. It’s not uncommon for fitness bloggers like Stacey Lee to post side-by-side transformation photos on Instagram. However, Lee’s photos reveal a different type of modification—how her body looks with and without Photoshop. Lee’s pictures show how a few minor touches can transform a “real and fit” body to something that is “idealized and impossible”. She insists that this unrealistic editing is harmful to the subject’s personal body image.”


3. This lifeguard clapping back at anybody who thinks plus-size women can’t be athletic

screen shot 2017 05 31 at 3 12 58 pm 5 reasons to say Hell yeah! this week

“Courtney Harrough, a 24-year-old in Orando, FL, has the rather challenging job of being a certified deep-water lifeguard. Courtney is expected to know first aid, be a skillful swimmer, know how to perform CPR, and be capable of rescuing possible drowning victims — and she’s expected to keep an observant eye on the pool, as well. Despite playing water polo and swimming competitively in high school, Courtney says that she encountered considerable stonewalling when it came to getting her lifeguard position: apparently, both her peers and her superiors were put off by the idea of a plus-size lifeguard.”


4. Andrew Garfield dressing in drag

“On Tuesday night, Garfield made a surprise guest appearance during the London stop of RuPaul’s Queens Werq the World tour. Garfield was apparently an audience member during the show at the Troxy, which featured Drag Race favorites Violet Chachki, Kim Chi, Detox, Sasha Velor and more. At one point, Garfield shocked everyone when he took the stage during a portion of the show called “Wig in a Box,” donned a curly brown wig, and performed a perfect lip sync to Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman.”


5. This adorable little girl’s insane ventriloquist skills

“Tuesday night’s premiere of America’s Got Talent featured an abundance of unique and impressive acts—perhaps some of the best in the show’s history. One stunning performance after another forced the judges (even Simon Cowell) to their feet in applause. Possibly the most memorable act of the night was 12-year-old Darci Lynne Farmer who floored the audience with her extraordinary ventriloquism skills. She’s so incredibly talented you’ll find yourself believing the puppet has a mind of its own.”



5 reasons to say hell yeah this week 2 5 reasons to say Hell yeah! this week

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