16 workouts you can tackle while watching ‘The Bachelorette’

Let’s be honest, the only real motivation we have to get through Mondays is the return of our favorite guilty pleasure show—The BacheloretteThis season is already my favorite, mostly due to my admiration for Rachel Lindsay, but also because of the ridiculous amount of drama that has managed to ensue in only the first 2 episodes. From the slightly unhinged Whaboom guy to the “tickle monster” and DeMario the snake, Rachel has her hands full. However, there are several other contenders that give us hope for a happy ending.

As much as I love The Bachelorette, I’ll be the first to admit that the two-hour long episodes take a significant chunk out of my gym time and any other time for productive activities. So, instead of skipping out on my workouts I decided to combine watching my favorite reality show with a little touch of fitness and here’s how I do it.

Introducing the ultimate Bachelorette workout plan:

1. When Chris Harrison appears – 20 crunches
2. When there’s a kiss – 10 pushups
3. When someone says “Whaboom” – 10 squats
4. When anyone cries – 1 minute wall sit
5. When someone says “here for the right reasons” – 10 tricep dips
6. When the guys get in a physical fight – 20 lunges (10 on each leg)
7. When a date card arrives – 40 jumping jacks
8. When a guy “steals” Rachel away during a cocktail party – 10 bicep curls (wine bottles can be substituted for dumbbells)
9. When Rachel’s dog Copper appears – Jog in place for 30 seconds
10. When a guy takes his shirt off – 12 burpees
11. When Rachel sends someone home before a rose ceremony – 20 step-ups (10 on each leg with a stable chair or bench)
12. When someone tells Rachel they’re falling in love with her – 50 arm circles
13. When someone from the past shows up – 12 sumo squats
14. When someone gives Rachel a gift – 20 scissor kicks
15. When Chris Harrison says “This is the final rose” – 1 minute plank
16. When the show cuts off at “To Be Continued” – Run around like a crazy person b/c Chris Harrison got you again

Now, instead of sitting motionless in front of your tv for two hours, you can get a solid workout while you watch Rachel sift through her collection of eligible bachelors.

tk workouts you can do while watching the bachelorette 2 16 workouts you can tackle while watching The Bachelorette

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