24 times Ryan Reynolds was hilariously relatable about the “joys” of parenting

Ryan Reynolds is easily one of the most lovable celebrities in Hollywood. Aside from his successful acting career, devastatingly handsome physique, and all around hilarious nature—Reynolds is a pretty amazing family man. The Deadpool star has often been transparent about his parenting adventures on Twitter—like the joys of flying with children and watching hours of Frozen.

Reynolds’ sense of humor about the trials and rewards of fatherhood are so relatable we can’t help but become even more infatuated with him. That being said, these are just a few of his most priceless parenting tweets that are sure to make your day.

1. When he discovered the *real* reason his daughter loves Disney movies.

2. When he surprised her with a trip to Disneyland.

3. When he realized she had taken over everything, even his movie taste.

4. When she asked the tough questions…

5. And when he was forced to let her spread her wings.

6. When he reminded his daughter how good she has it.

7. And taught her the importance of eating vegetables.

8. When he recognized her expensive taste in food.

9. When he admired all of the things that make her unique.

10. And was surprised by her music tastes.

11. When he read her books with important life lessons.

12. When he realized how great fatherhood is.

13. The first time he was truly proud of his daughter.

14. And the first time he traumatized her.

15. When they enjoyed their first road trip together.

16. And he let her take the wheel.

17. When he accepted his sacrifices.

18. When he embraced the circle of life.

19. And remembered to give himself a break.

20. When he found the joy in diaper duty.

21. When he discovered his passion for writing children’s books.

22. And realized he would do anything for his little girl.

23. When he taught her about love.

24. When he told her how much he cared.

As if we needed any more reason to love him, Ryan Reynolds is straight up #DadGoals.

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