Everybody’s holding back tears after this teen recreated her mom’s high school graduation photo

Graduation Day is always a highly emotional experience. Classmates are saying their goodbyes for the summer, Parents are choking up and taking pictures of everything, and there’s the unmistakable ennui that always seems to accompany periods of intense changes.

For some families, however, a high school graduation is even more significant.

18-year-old Madeleine Tarin recently graduated from high school, and recreated a photo that was taken in 200, at her mom’s own high school graduation. 

929853 21 Everybodys holding back tears after this teen recreated her moms high school graduation photo

Madeleine tells BuzzFeed that the photo meant so much to her, as she felt it perfectly encapsulated her family’s life. “I thought it was unique and it represented my life in a nutshell.”

929853 2 Everybodys holding back tears after this teen recreated her moms high school graduation photo

Madeleine says that her parents met in high school, and that her mother got pregnant at 15, and had Madeleine when she was 16.

However, her parents both stayed in high school, with the help of her “amazing grandparents.” Madeleine’s parents worked hard and saved money, eventually getting married when her mother was 23 and her dad was 25, buying a house, and having two more kids.

“The picture to me symbolized my family’s accomplishments, and that my parents beat the statistics.”

Madeleine shared the photo to Twitter with the caption, “Yeah that’s right, we made it TOGETHER,” where it received over 328,000 likes and 76,000 retweets.

Twitter was collectively weeping over the cuteness.

Although everyone was also like, “Um, your parents somehow look even younger than they did 16 years ago??”

Madeleine says that the overwhelming response to her photos has been so heartening, and has really made her graduation success feel even more complete.

“This whole year, I’ve been waiting to take this photo,” she told BuzzFeed. “And when I posted it and saw how much people had been inspired by (the photo), it gave me and my parents even more of a sense of accomplishment.”

So, please — if you ever feel compelled to make judgmental assumptions about parents who got pregnant in high school, please direct yourself back to this post.

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