Chris Hemsworth just proved that you’re never too old to ‘play with dolls’ in hilarious Instagram video

Chris Hemsworth may be most well-known for his foray as Thor, the Mjolnir-wielding member of the Avengers, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also defy masculine stereotypes from time to time.

Recently, Hemsworth stumbled upon an action figure setup at the Marvel studios, and took the time to prove that a 33-year-old man can still play with toys.

Hemsworth noticed that Thor was excluded from the Marvel action figures roundup. “Interesting there’s no Thor toy in here,” he says to someone offscreen. “Is that on purpose or…?” Hemsworth then figures that the Russo brothers must have been holding a secret Avengers rehearsal without him.

As revenge, Hemsworth decides to enlist the help of his trusty hammer, Mjolnir, to remind everyone that Thor is a literal GOD, and could easily kick all of their asses.

Just stumbled across a little secret Avengers rehearsal by the @therussobrothers

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(He also makes fun of his fellow crime-fighters’ superpowers and outfits — because even superheroes can be petty, y’all.)

Ultimately, Hemsworth ends up sparing the Hulk, whom he describes as his “mate.” (A clear reference to Thor: Ragnarok, which features the Hulk.)

I don’t know, guys. It seems like Thor might have some hurt feelings about being left out of Captain America: Civil War. On the bright side, though? This is easily the best fan-fiction I’ve ever heard.

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