Dogs are now forbidden on the subway unless they can fit in a bag, so New Yorkers are improvising hilariously

Though pretty much everyone with a soul love dogs (a sweeping generalization that I feel compelled to present as “fact”), the New York Metropolitan Transportation Service is not one of them. The MTA recently announced that dogs would not be permitted on NYC subways unless they were in a bag.

Naturally, this kind of ruling seems to target large and medium-sized dogs (assuming that the only dog breeds that could fit in a bag are of the miniature variety).

Well, sorry MTA. But New Yorkers love their dogs, and they’re here to slip right through your loophole.

Dog owners across the city are now transporting all manner of dog breeds in ridiculously large bags — because hey, it’s technically still following the rules, right?

Puppers of all sizes are now traveling the NY subway in (slightly awkward) style.

But don’t worry. Most of them seem pretty pleased about getting their own travel bags.

Who needs a backpack when you could have a bark-pack?

Nothing to see here. Just a very good subway patron.

Some dogs were more squished than others, but they seemed pretty patient about it.

No matter the dog size, New Yorkers will find a bag to fit them.

And, if worse comes to worst, they’ll just fudge the rules and give their pupper a bag costume.

You truly have to admire the ingenuity.

New Yorkers are willing to deal with toenail clippings, vomit, and mysterious pools of blood on their subway cars — but there’s no way in hell you’re going to make them leave their dogs at home.

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